Korogocho Streetscapes is an urban laboratory that suggests an inclusive way of working with urban development through activities and small-scale, high-impact implementations within the public space and the streetscape. Instead of traditional design and planning processes the project focus on temporary and direct interventions aiming at creating safer, more democratic and inclusive public spaces. The project is working with the streets as a common performance ground to integrate sports, art and play in strengthening the Korogocho identity. This is done by collaborations and activities preformed in the streetscape, target children and youth often left out in decision-making processes.

The initiative is action-based, to create visible changes and trust in the community. By nurturing the rise of optional and spontaneous activities to take place in the streetscape, the streets are transformed into places of self-expression, influence and arenas for every-day life for all. So far several interventions and regular activities has been taking place in Korogocho and Nairobi, such as open street events, roller-skating, football tournaments, street-art, pop-up concerts and the Nairobi Placemaking week. In 2016 a local culture hub was established, from where the various project ideas can developed, improved and then carried out in the streetscape.

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