Architects Without Borders, through Korogocho Streetscapes, was invited to take part in the exhibition Forests of Venice, a collateral Event of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2016.

The exhibition was initiated, organized and produced by Kjellander Sjöberg together with Folkhem, promoted by the Swedish Institute and curated by Jan Åman.

Exhibiting architects: Architects without Borders Sweden, Arrhov Frick, DinellJohansson, HORN.UGGLA, In Praise of Shadows, Carmen Izquierdo and Urbio. Read more about the exhibition here.

Our contribution to the exhibition was to interpret and recreate the pathways and public spaces in the new , parallell Venice. Through innovative, experimental and virtual tools we have started to create a parallell Venice, on-line.

Today we face challenges in creating equal, inclusive and democratic public spaces. Urbanization, mass movement, conflicts and environmental change force our cities to rapid transformation, resulting in spaces that lack identity and sense of belonging. To fight these urban challenges, the parallel Venice is already being developed through “virtual placemaking” where the virtual world is used as a tool to start the creation of a collective memory. This will connect meaning to the corresponding physical world that will unfold, taking inspiration from the pathways and nodes in present Venice. Hence, an understanding of its spaces already exists in our minds.

Virtual places that exist online, in a non-physical world, give access to anyone to dream about the not yet of these places. By visiting the virtual places people put down a mark and start creating the collective memory of the connected physical place. When people start to inhabit places in the parallel Venice a social structure, memories and identity has already started to unfold.

Welcome to pass by our Virtual places and make your mark by liking the pages, up-load a picture, say “Hi” or organize an event!



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