As part of the Dadas Connect initiative we are exploring the City from the Womans Perspective. Together with architects and artists around the world we have started a campaign to explore public spaces Through The Eyes of a Woman.

How would our cities look like if they were built by women? Would they look the same? What would be different?

We will be organizing a series of Urban Labs where participants, through creative methods, will explore, investigate and understand the city from the woman’s perspective. We will make field trips to different locations in the city and together capture, reflect and discuss the space through the eyes of a woman.

The result of the Labs will be part of an exhibition in the end of the year to create awareness on how women relate to public space and how public spaces can be designed from a gender perspective (security, support women activities etc.). The results will also be presented in a book and an on-line platform to inform stake holders, architects and urban planners on how we all can contribute to a gender equal society.

Join us in the exploration of the city from the woman’s perspective!

Do you want to participate in organising an Urban Lab in your City? Send us an e-mail and we will forward guidelines and an “How-To-Do” description. You can also find the pdf here:

Urban design lab.

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