The street as a laboratory

The Korogocho streetscapes suggests an inclusive way of working with streets in order to engage youth in the urban transformation processes, where the local community and stakeholders fully own the process. The initiative is action-based, to create visible changes and trust in the community. By nurturing the rise of optional and spontaneous activities to take place in the streetscape, the streets can be transformed to places of self-expression, influence and power.

Scaling up

The Korogocho streetscape can serve as a valuable pilot study on how involving youth can boost positive urban and individual transformations. The lessons learnt from the Korogocho laboratory can form the basis for a citywide approach on how to work with youth and public space. Ideally, the project should tap into the Nairobi Public Space project which is a collaboration between UN Habitat and the City County of Nairobi that aims at improving the delivery and access to good public spaces with a focus on less favored urban residents, stating that this can be a powerful strategy to improve equity in the city and to combat crime and discrimination.
Multiple public space initiatives are already taking place throughout the city of Nairobi. Partnerships where local governments, individual organizations, individuals and stakeholders are connected can form powerful networks where multiple public space initiatives are linked to generate a strong and comprehensive public space strategy. The city should be looked upon as a laboratory where public space initiatives are tested, continuously evaluated, improved and replicated.


2017 – Through the Eyes of a Woman – Exhibition magazine. Download here

2017 – Art, Sports, Youth and Community Development – Our methods. Download here

2015 – Evaluation report. Download here

2012 – Korogocho Streetscapes – The role and potential of streets in citywide slum upgrading (UN-Habitat) Read more



7-Days of Street Democracy 2015

Hoperaisers Roller Skating Club


Making Cities Together Workshop


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