Dadas Connect is a project under Hoperaisers that brings girls and young women in arts and sports together for the purposes of empowering, mentoring and networking. The project seeks to fight gender inequality in the creative and sports sector in Nairobi. By educating and empowering girls and young women the project intend to encourage and bring forward more women leaders and role models. Through culture activities issues of gender inequality will be highlighted in order to inform and influence decision makers and the wider public. By mobilizing women the project will strengthen women networks and spark women’s right movements.



In 2016 Hope Raisers initiated the idea of Dadas Connect that today consists of young women from Hope Raisers and Architects Without Borders Sweden.

The initiative arose as a response to the higher resistance to get women and girls involved in the project activities within Hope Raisers. There is also a gender inbalance among the project leaders and mentors where very few are women.

Social structures and traditional ideas about the roles of girls and women restrict their opportunities, hold them back from taking part in self-expressing activities and impose low confident on women and girls. This results in a very low proportion of girls and women involved in cultural and sports activities especially on a professional level and consequently very few female role models to encourage and inspire young women.

The project target girls and young women in Korogocho and its surroundings taking part in sports activities within the Hope Raisers organisation, young and upcoming women artists within the creative sector in Nairobi, established women artists within the creative sector in Nairobi and women’s rights initiatives based in Nairobi. The target groups has been chosen based on previous project research and experiences as well as on the additional challenges young women and girls face in Nairobi and Kenya due to social structures and cultural norms. Dadas Connect believes that by empowering girls and women within the creative sector and the sport field more women will be encouraged to take leadership, strengthening their positions within society and reach equal rights.